There is a new director at the Republican Graduate school of business and management

Rustam Abduraupov, Deputy Dean of the International Westminster University in Tashkent, accepted the offer of the National Agency for Project Management under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to head the Republican Graduate School of Business and Management named after Abu Raikhan Beruni (RGSBM), established in accordance with the decree of the President.

Rustam Ramzovich was born in July 1985. After graduating from the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization in 2005 and the Tashkent Financial Institute in 2007, he continued his research activities at the University of Denver (USA) and Wageningen University (Netherlands).
R. Abduraupov has an extensive experience in teaching and administration at leading universities in Uzbekistan, the United States and the Netherlands.
The young doctor of economic sciences has dozens of scientific papers published by local and international publications. Due to this, he was invited to a weekly meeting with seventeen Nobel laureates in economics, held in Germany in 2017. His monograph “Methodological Aspects of Managing the Economic Potential of Enterprises with Foreign Investments” is in special demand among representatives of both the scientific world and business.
The school team, led by the new director, intends to carry out the tasks assigned to the RGSBM. It is planned to continue the active implementation of international experience and strengthen cooperation with leading scientific and educational institutions. At the same time, work will also be continued on the implementation of plans for the accreditation of double degree (double diploma) of graduate programs in the medium term.

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