The holiday of NAVRUZ in CGC

On March 24, 2018, a celebration was held at the Scientific-Educational Center for Corporate Governance, celebrating Navruz holiday, which is traditionally considered a holiday of youth, abundance and spring revival.



In the sports part of the event, the listeners of the Center hold a competition on the kind of national sports.

The solemn blast of the event was opened by the director of the Scientific-Educational Center for Corporate Governance Ganikhodzhaev B.F and he congratulated all the participants on the spring holiday Navruz.

B.F Ganikhodzhaev also awarded diplomas for active participation in the lifestyle of the Center and for good results in obtaining knowledge.

During the event, the invited musicians and the” KVN” team presented all those with a good mood with their jolly jokes and incendiary songs. The marketing teacher from Japan, Mr. Shiozaki with his own program, admired everyone with his talent for playing musical instruments.



“OSH CHEMPIONSHIP” was organized for MBA students on four categories: the best pilaf, the most delicious pilaf, the most attractive pilaf and the most extraordinary pilaf.

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