Short-term courses

In accordance with the tasks of the Center, in addition to the MBA program, CGC also offers a wide range of specialized short-term courses,the main target of courses of which is to fulfill the needs of state and economic administration bodies,other companies and enterprises in increasing the qualification of their employees, in the field of corporate governance and related areas.

The content of short-term courses were developed by involving local and foreign specialists and based on detailed analysis of real needs for increasing specialists’ qualification on appropriate areas and best international practices in the organisation of such courses.

List of courses:

Corporate governance: principles, mechanisms and implementation

Personnel Management for HR-specialists, CEOs and HR Directors (HR – managers)

Development of enterprise business plan

Real estate valuation

Increasing realtors’ qualification

Professional training of specialists in real estate activity

Preparation of judicial managers

Also, taking into account the needs of interested parties, CGC can developed and offer other customized courses.

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Addres: Department for professional development in the field of corporate governance

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