Master`s thesis requirements

Master’s thesis should consist of the following structural parts:

  •  title page;
  •  master’s thesis brief summary in two languages (the language of instruction and English) ;
  •  contents page;
  • introduction;
  •  main part;
  •  conclusion;
  •  references;
  •  attachments ( if applicable).

Introduction should include a brief description of the following:

  •  master’s thesis topic validity and relevance;
  •  subject and object of research;
  •  purpose and objectives of research;
  •  scientific novelty;
  •  main objectives and research hypotheses;
  •  review(analysis) of the literature on research topic;
  •  methodologyused in reaserch;
  •  theoretical and practical significance of research results;
  •  structure of the thesis.

Main part of the master thesis consists of at least three chapters. Also, main part must be evenly divided and include the following:
critical analysis of theoretical, applied and empirical results applied elsewhere on a similar research topic;

description of the methods of research and practical part of the diploma work;

summary of the main results of the study, with a description of the personal contribution of the graduate student toward solution of the problem.

In the summary of the master’s thesis, the student presents scientific and practical significance of the results, reflections on the carried out work, as well as conclusions on the challenges of scientific research. The conclusion should not exceed 4 pages.

Master’s thesis’s attachments can be the materials containing additional information, which is necessary for proper understanding of the content of the master’s thesis. Number of attachments should not exceed 1/3 of the total volume of the master’s thesis.

While working on their master’s dissertations, MBA students must abide by the rules of professional ethics (prohibited are: plagiarism, falsification of data, as well as the presentation of false quotes)

The recommended length of the master’s thesis is 70 – 80 pages, except the title page, table of contents, list of references and attachments.

Master`s thesis should be prepared in study language of MBA student (by the recommendation of the MBA department or division – in foreign language).

Master’s thesis written in foreign language should contain an annotation in the state language. Preliminary and official defense of the master’s thesis is conducted with translation.

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