Master class on project management from Italian experts was held at the RGSBM

On November 20 the master class from Italian experts – Prof. Andrea Sianesi and Dr. Roberto Mori – was held on the topic “Challenges of project management and keys to success”.

For reference: Professor Andrea Sianesi – Dean and President of the Board of Directors of the Graduate School of Business, Technical University of Milan. He is author of six books and more than 120 scientific publications. He is a member of the Board of the National Association of Industrial Enterprises of Italy, as well as international advisory boards of a number of higher educational institutions in France, Slovenia and the PRC.

Roberto Mori – Director Special Projects of the Italian Metallurgical Group TENOVA, Chairman of the Ethics committee, honorary member of the International project management association (IPMA). In 2009-2014 – Vice President, President and Chairman of IPMA.

Within the framework of master class participants were familiarized in detail with European experience in project management, methods and tools used in this process, basic problem issues and ways to solve them, as well as the requirements of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) to the competencies of project managers.

More than 110 people took part in the master class, including students of the RGSBM, as well as representatives of private business and other organizations.

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