Information on The 2nd International Scientific and Practical Conference on Corporate Governance: The Major Trends and Perspectives in Digital Economy

According to the tasks outlined in the Presidential Decree #4720 dated April 24th, 2015 «On measures of implementation of modern methods of corporate governance in joint stock companies» and the Presidential Decree #4947 dated May 7th, 2017 on «Action strategy for the further development of the Republic of Uzbekistan» and also according to the Decree # 178 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated March 6th,

2018 «The Plan of International Scientific and Scientific-technical conferences to be held in 2018», the 2nd International Scientific and Practical Conference on «Corporate Governance: Major Trends and Perspectives in Digital Economy» will be held on May 17th, 2018 at the Scientific-Educational Center for Corporate Governance.

The goals of the conference are discussing issues regarding global trends in the development of corporate governance and the impact of new technologies on management practices and business development in the digital economy era, further improvement of the system of corporate relations, improving the efficiency of business processes, developing scientific proposals and practical recommendations intendant to solution of the related issues.

Managers, leading specialists of joint-stock companies, professors and lecturers from various universities, scientists and independent researchers are invited to take part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference.

The Conference will be held in different sections after a plenary meeting of the Conference:

  1. Increasing corporate governance’ effectiveness and the role in ensuring high-quality economic growth in digital economy
  2. The major directions of improving corporate governance and management within corporate structures
  3. The major trends and perspectives of industries and business processes’ development in a digitalized environment
  4. The ways of improvement the efficiency of corporate finance management and the activity of securities market.

Requirements for submission of articles:

  • The submitted articles must be about pressing topics, practical proposals and recommendations based on scientific analysis and conclusions.
  • Literature and other sources, footnotes of the articles, internet sources, statistics or literature, publisher’s name and year, pages, authors must be presented in the article.
  • Articles must be presented in either Uzbek or Russian or English with annotation in two languages other than the language used in the article. Uzbek and English if the article in Russian vice versa.
  • Scientific articles’ one proofread copy must be submitted on A-4 paper, top and bottom intervals should be 2,0, left interval 3,0, right interval 1,5. The title of article must be in bold letters including author’s name and surname, scientific degree and titles, organization’s name and his or her position, electronic mail address.
  • For authors without degree or titles signature of the scientific advisor must be present in the appendix of the article.

Conference languages: Uzbek, Russian, English

Submission deadline: April 20, 2018 (printed version of the article must be sent to the address below). Electronic version of the article must be sent to Author’s or co-author’s name must be written on file’s name.  

The articles, which do not meet the submission requirements, will not be accepted.

Conference articles will be published on fee-basis paid by the authors in advance (39.600 sums).

Contacts: Uzbekistan, 100060 (postal code), Tashkent City, Mirabad District, Mirabad Str., 25. The Scientific and Educational Center for Corporate Governance, Scientific and Research Department in Corporate Governance sphere. Telephone number: (+99871) 239-03-15; Fax (+99871) 239-03-03.


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