Exam questions for the appraiser’s qualification exam are published on the RGSBM website.

We are pleased to announce that within the preparation for the qualifying examination of the appraiser, in order to create additional conditions for preparing applicants to receive and extend the validity of the qualification certificate of appraisers for an interview for this exam, relevant exam questions for the interview have been published on the RGSBM website.

For reference: Earlier on the RGSBM site cases for project development were published.

The questions were developed by the RGSBM together with the Public Association “Society of Appraisers of Uzbekistan” and the Association of Appraisal Organizations of Uzbekistan.
We remind you that in accordance with the Regulation “On the Procedure for Issuing a Qualification Certificate of an Appraiser” (registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 29.08.2018 No. 3063), the qualification exam is submitted by applicants for obtaining and extending the validity period of the qualification certificate of the appraiser. The qualification exam consists of project defense in a presentation form, as well as interviews on exam questions.

Questions can be found here.

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