CGC continues the lectures of professors from South Korea and Poland

As the part of the visit, on February 8 professors from South Korean and Polish universities conducted guest lectures on:

  1. Privatization and corporate growth ((J. An – Professor of Global University)
  2. The evolution of corporate governance in Japan (M. Kovalik – Professor of the University of Social and Sociological Sciences)
  3. Strategic planning for entrepreneurs (B.Jee – Professor of Handong Global University)
  4. Is Strategy Destiny? (Y. Kim – Handong Global University)

The lectures focused on the reforms and processes carried out to privatize public entities in South Korea, Japan and Poland. Subsequently, the positive and negative factors of privatization process having an influence on the economy of a country were discussed in the example of these countries.

The teaching staff and the masters of CGC took part in the event.

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