The meeting with the management of the partner universities from South Korea was held at CGC

In the framework of the visit of the delegation of the CGC’s partner universities from South Korea a meeting with the management of Handong Global University and Ganchon University presented by Vice Presidents Dae Shik Kim and Dosoung Choi, and Director of UNESCO/UNITWIN program – Dr. Jinwon An was held at CGC.

Clothing Memo: Collaboration with the abovementioned universities and UNESCO/UNITWIN Program has been carried out on the basis of relevant agreements since 2015. For the period of cooperation a number of joint international conferences and seminars have been conducted; internship for 44 staff members and masters of CGC in the Republic of Korea has been organized; 243 books were donated to CGC; visiting lectures and seminars by Korean professors are being provided on regularly bases.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the current state and future perspectives of mutual cooperation including organizing internship for MBA students in Republic of Korea on August-September, and etc.

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